Forever Elsie



Cooking and baking with my Mom, Elsie D. Covey

Mom passed away in 2014, but she was known by all her friends and family as a great cook. I saved some of her recipes, and hope to blog about them here in the next few months. Mom grew up north of Philadelphia in a time just after the Great Depression. Her mother grew a large garden, canned and preserved food from it, kept chickens for eggs and meat, and also knew how to cook and bake for a family. When our family moved from the east coast to the west coast in the 1960’s, Mom added recipes from the favorites of the west and Pacific northwest to her vast traditional American collection. I found recipes from Maine Baked Lobster to Baked Alaskan  Salmon in her folder and books. Most of the recipes were simple and easy to make, often allowing her time while they were in the oven or simmering on the stove to fold laundry, feed a couple of calves, or pour grain to the steers. Alderhurst Farm was her home and business; she and Dad raised national champion Angus cattle and showed them all over the west. Her 40-plus years in the registered Angus cattle business gained her respect and awe from three generations of cattle people. Inheriting some of her treasured antiques, almost every day I put my hand on something she loved or used in her life. So while I can’t give you the experience of sitting at her mother’s cherry secretary, or touching her beautiful wedding-gift silver tea set, I can give you taste of some of the wonderful things she made for us to eat. So enjoy!